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Nov 13, 2012

Loc'd Beauty of the Week!

It's been a while since I posted a beauty to the blog, but I couldn't pass up RoyalT's beauty; I just had to share!

Hi, my name is RoyalT. I'm a lover of life, love, nature and the Universe. Always focused on spreading positive energy and keeping my mind, spirit, health and grind in forward motion. I love learning about the Chakra system, astrology, crystals, yoga and meditating. I am a Sagittarius, meaning I always have my bow and arrow, ready to aim at whatever my heart desires.
I am from Los Angeles, California and currently reside in Long Beach, California. I am 31 years old, been natural for 12 years. I am a graduate of California State University, Dominguez Hills (B.S. Business Administration). I enjoy traveling, sewing, practicing yoga on the beach, arts & crafts and live music.

My Aunt maintains my locs and she was the one to inspire me to go back to my roots and be natural. I’ve learned that locs love water, so shower them with lots of water and some TLC (tender, loving, and care).
My motto: There is always room for improvement. Challenge yourself.

One Love,

 Peaceful Love,

1 comment:

nappy headed black girl said...

Love your motto...and your hair. Congrats on making Beauty of the Week, sis.