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Jan 31, 2010

The Big Chop!

My good friend Aja who has been transitioning for about 4 months decided that at the end of January she would do the big chop! This was no east feat for Aja since she has never had natural hair before, nor has her hair ever been shorter than a chin length styled bob. This time she had the courage, and the strength to brush aside naysayers and just go for it.  So here is her journey in pictures from start to finish:

Aja started with a long length of hair, that she had to maintain with blow-drying to achieve the affect of a relaxer. 

But when water was added honey it was a different story! So, I sectioned the hair little by little with clips and cut off the relaxed ends:


She was really nervous, so we had to sip on a lil somethin' somethin' to go further:

Like most women she fretted about her most beautiful assets, " Are my eyes to large? What about my nose?" blah, blah, blah. I told her to just sip and relax. I knew she would be beautiful, regal even.


Amazing, I could see those 3b-4 curls shining through straight away. Her hair was already taking to its new form. In no time she emerged a beautiful, nubian, Queen:

So meet the new and all natural, Aja Prince!

A true Queen indeed, and we are excited for her new natural journey. May she see what we see, a beautiful women definitely On the Road to Queendom!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


candygirlcandis said...

her hair looks beautiful

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