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Jan 29, 2010

Tightness Does Not Equal Neatness

Happy Friday Queens! Let's get down to it.

Tightness does not equal ma'am it does not. Tightness equals the pulling of the follicles, hair loss, thinning, and weakness.  I got the Molly Sad Face going on right now in the above picture because I am getting too many emails, being stopped by too many people asking me how often I re-twist my roots, etc. 

Look, I understand you want and probably need that freshly twisted look but please remember that excessive pulling, or tightness can and will eventually lead to traction alopecia. I have seen this too many times. Do you really think that women with thick locs such as Nerissa Irving, or myself re-twist our roots every week or few weeks? We realize how heavy the locs are on the ends. What happens when you have heaviness on the end of something with a weak root? It snaps off. So, there is no way we can re-twist all of the time.

This doesn't exclude those who have skinny, sisterlocs, etc.  If you excessively pull, or tighten trust me you will deal with the consequences down the line.

So, please be smart and learn to love your hair the way it grows out of your head. The fuzziness, the puffiness of it all. We are born this way, it may look cute all neat and tightened, but you can look cute and neat without it laying all the way to your scalp.  Just ensure you have a healthy and clean scalp, take your multi vitamins, and drink plenty of water.

Give your scalp a break from over twisting. On a weekly basis massage the scalp with essential oils such as olive oil, jojoba oils, etc.

Love Ya!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


ShayShay said...

Your hair is gorgeous, but you knew that. Interesting post on taking care of your hair :)

Writing Addict said...

Stop it ShayShay! LOL Loves you!

Zayna said...

Love that you wrote this. I've had my locs for about 7 months or so. I started out with a medium length curly -fro. I am not obsessed with twisting. ONe thing I must add is that I am a Muslim woman who covers my hair when in public so this might change the pressue I feel to have it laying down all the time-yet I still like my hair to look banging for me and my MAN. I think it looks just fine fuzzy and without "neat" roots. I go to a loctician about every 6-8 weeks and in between that I do nothing-unless hair that has not quite loced slips a lot.

Excellent advice, queen.