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Jan 20, 2010

Ask Writing Addict

Dear Queen Writing Addict,
Hello!  First, I want to tell you that I am so happy to have found your site!  It is wonderfully put together & contains so much information - it's like my personal Loc Bible!  I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate the time and effort that you have put into your creation and I thank God that you are gracious enough to share it with us.  Please accept my humble thank you - from my heart to yours!  In addition, I thank you for bringing your original (Woo Chile) back into circulation - I was going through withdrawal on the days that is was not available.  That isn't to take anything away from your latest site (congrats, by the way) but the original is my fave.
I wanted to ask you about product buildup and what I can do to remove it from my 2-year old locs. I recently noticed that I have the dreaded product buildup interspersed in my locs and am quite distressed about it.  I have been using ACV rinses to remove it,yet it still remains.  I'm now wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm missing a step.  Typically, I put ACV in a spray bottle and spray my locs after washing and conditioning.  I place a plastic cap on my head & a towel around my neck to catch the runny concoction and generally leave it for at least an hour.  Afterwards, I rinse and re-twist.  Am I missing something?  Is there something else that I should/could do?  Any advise or suggestions that you can offer are greatly appreciated.
One more thing, I have stopped using all shea-based products in my hair as i believe that this is what originally contributed to the buildup.  Ok, thanks for your time and I'll await your response.  Be Blessed!



Dear Queen B,

Thank  you so much for your kind words, I was beginning to think my dear Queens had left me! Let me just say that keeping up w/two sites is too much work. So, I will be back to the basics for a while. I love helping you ladies out, seriously I do!

Now lets move on to the product buildup problem.

I just have to say that although products do give that polished look, it can, and will give you product buildup especially if you canno't properly rinse it out. So with that being said, the ACV rinses are absolutely essential. In fact, the way you are doing it may not be the best way to remove the buildup. You see, when we put products in our hands we tend to warm it up without realizing it with our fingers, hands, etc. Then we place it on the loc and palm roll or twist it onto the hair. Sure it coats the loc but when it fully cools it actually penetrates the loc and sits there. It gets trapped into the loc. This can happen w/shampoo, conditioner, etc.

So what is the answer? Most say, don't use products period. To religiously cover your locs when you are lounging about. Still you want that manicured look, and you need to tame the strays. I say use something light, Aloe Vera gel, I have even used clear gel for a period in my loc'd life.

But shea butter, beeswax, will surely get trapped into the locs. Beeswax is a definite no when you are past the baby loc (budding) stage. How do you get rid of it?

You do the ACV rinses every 2-3 weeks. But what I suggest, is that you rinse the locs with it. personally I use a large cup and with a plugged up sink, I rinse, massage, and later the locs with it. I continue this cycle for as long as my neck, can stand it. Then I get underneath my tub facet and rinse. You need some force behind that water. A good rinse. Also, it will take a couple of ACV rinses to get rid of this buildup but it will evenutally come out. You might want to look into latching. It will keep you product free and tight.

Let me know how this works out for you!

P.S., I am happy to be back with you all!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Boogie said...
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Boogie said...

My loctitian only uses water when I get a retwist with her...the only problem I have with that is since I'm a newbie, my hair is so soft and the frizzies after a couple of days really irk me. (lol)