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Oct 28, 2009

Newsweek Please....

So Allison Samuels a Newsweek Reporter has been chiming in on little Zahara Pitt-Jolie, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's adopted daughters' hair. She openly writes about her disdain for the way Angelina cares for it, or lack there of. Its ridiculous really. I find it odd that she dislikes this baby's' hair. Its not like its all dried out and matted to her head. Quite frankly I think she is one of those women who feels a Just for Me would be more appropriate or that she should have some sort of style. While I agree that more could be done for little Zahara's hair I doubt Angelina is neglecting it. Anyway here read for yourself what this woman has to say, then chime in on the subject.

I thought long and hard before sitting down two weeks ago to write an article about the state of Zahara Jolie-Pitt's hair. I knew any discussion about hair and culture would spark an angry debate in the world of bloggers and beyond. Just ask Chris Rock. His new film, Good Hair, has brought him all kinds of criticism and drama, so at least I'm in good company. Days after my story hit the Web, the comments sections of our site was overrun with furious remarks, and blogs had a serious field day roasting me all that week.

Still, I'm undeterred by the venom shown to me on the Web. I continue to believe Angelina Jolie should take better care of Zahara's hair. Hey, if Maddox can get blond highlights and a Mohawk, Zahara can at least get a quick top knot and rubber band. Is that asking too much?

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