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Oct 28, 2009

Loc'd Beauty of the Week

Guitarist Alaina Reed

This Queen resides in Florida, but its obvious she is most at home on a stage with a bass in hand! As it was almost impossible to find a picture of her without one.

She had this to say:

I left corporate America to become a full-time musician after figuring out that the movie "Office Space" was more of a documentary than a comedy. I'm a bass player & have realized that the drummers of my life have way too much control over my state of mind. I think I most definitely suffer from reggaemylitis... The only thing about life I am absolutely sure about is that I must follow that little voice in my head, the gut feeling in my stomach & the passion in my heart - so far they are the only things that haven't led me astray.

I'm a freelance bass player & play lots of gigs in South Florida with many reggae, soca, blues, funk & R&B bands when I'm in town. I've worked with such great artists like Leroy Sibbles, Troy Genius, Everton Blender, Red Rat, Squidly Cole, Causion, Glen Washington, Mikey Dread, Nigel Lewis, Shaze, Wayne Stoddart, Elvis White & others.

I'm currently building a studio for serious productions for our new company BAD Lions Productions. BAD Lions Productions is a partnership between myself & Dave Richards & Brian Fontenelle. Please check out our site for more information.

I ride & train horses most days - it’s my other passion other than music. Sometimes they get crazy & try to kill me on a weekly basis, but I think like everything else in my life I wouldn't appreciate it unless it was a challenge.

You can find this Queen at her MySpace page here.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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