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Oct 28, 2009

Product. Review of Pantene Shampoo

Boo bye, is all I can say to this shampoo made by Pantene. I picked this up at Wallyworld thinking that it was a fairly decent shampoo for a natural haired beauty such as myself; but I am upset that it did nothing for me, nothing! I mean it claims the following:
  • Protect wet hair from the friction of combs and brushes (no need for help there!)
  • Gently clean hair to help remove residue and build-up while increasing shine
  • Strength against damage
Maybe it does for loose naturals, but not for loc'd naturals. I just don't think it did a good job at cleansing the locs. I had to repeat shampoos like 5 times to get what I thought would be good clean lather. It left my hair dry and hard. Most loc'd naturals know how hard it is to even get and maintain locs that are soft. So out of 5 crowns this gets a mere 3.

But on a good note, the conditioner rocks! I don't know how...but whatever they missed with the shampoo the conditioner gets it right! So if left my locs soft for about a week. The smell is subpar. Its okay. Out of 5 crowns it gets a 3 1/2.
Its a no go for me Queens, and the smell is blah.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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