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Sep 23, 2009

Why are We Still Discussing This?

Is she serious? Is this her new cause? Do we care? Why is this such an issue still? Really Tyra, Larry King?

Lawd, so many questions....

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Nickelicious said...

Right- First off, I don't believe that she is rocking only the hair GOD gave her in this interview. Second - I hope she makes sure to say that she is trying the "real" hair and not the "natural" hair. I love you Tyra, but you should continue to discuss the other issues today..... leave the naturalness to those of us who are truly natural.

LocStar in STL

Writing Addict said...

I know thats right LocStar..hell at least seek out somebody to explain the difference between the two because you are still misleading folks about our hair! *rolls eyes*

Kicukalah said...

Well, to give her a little props she does explain that it is her real hair and that her natural hair is a very different texture. She does explain that it's chemically straightened. *Sigh* I can only hope that maybe, just maybe it can be a means of a beginning for those that are weave addicts.

Naturigurl said...

NIce that Tyra feels liberated and all with her hair all out, but I think she still needs a little more learning on what it really is to be natural. When people say natural that should mean what the good lord gave you without the chemicals that change the makeup and structure of hair. Now like I said before nothing wrong with a sister wearing a relaxer if she chooses but she needs to understand that there are other options for her as well. No one should have to say they feel liberated from being nappy because that IMHO is just self hatred. Tyra has taken the first step to free herself from fake hair but can she take the next step to embrace her true hair structure. I guess that will be a whole new show all together.