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Sep 23, 2009


B said...

Yesss, don't give up on the latching! But I do co-sign on the fuzzies because mine are so out of control. I'm learning to deal with it because latching and then twisting is so not what's hot in the streets. My locs will straight pop off. Not that I'm a pro latcher (being that I just started 3 days ago...HA!) but it looks like you weren't going through different holes when you latched. I learned this the hard way and I have a few locs with holes b/c of this. I am now doing a 4 point rotation which reallllly helps.

It takes time and patience, big sis. We're in this together!

Now I'm off to see the White boy using a perm....I need a good laugh

Kicukalah said...

Yes ma'am, that is most common mistake from latching. I personally use a nappyloc tool b/c it's much easier for me to work with, but a latch hook can be used. Go to and look under the label "how to fix". Now she speaks of holes in the middle of the loc, but this applies to your Y-shaped base as well. Just take the tool (latch hook) that you use through the 2 legs of the Y-shape to close up the hole. Remember, to stay closer to the loc and continue to rotate until you reach the scalp. Also, on the same blog look under lock links and take a look at "How to: Tighten your locs."
I hope this helps.

Kicukalah said...

Oh! One more thing. Whichever method you decide to use, (products or latching) stick with one. They do produce a subtle difference in loc texture.
I know the e-book I sent talks about latching, but I found that I better understood it when I saw it on a video.