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Sep 23, 2009

White Man Tries Relaxer...

Lawd I gotta stop cruising the videos! Check this po' white man out...he tried a relaxer on his hair to get a certain "look." I should feel sorry for him but I don't!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


new2locs said...

What the heck is he talking about? LOL Put it in & shape your hair which way you want it to go?

Writing Addict said...

How about the instructions he supposedly read off of the box? Lawd you know some poor unsuspecting fools are going to believe his every word, smh.

Anonymous said...

He is so wrong for making up those directions from the box. Trust me, I know those directions by hard. I was laughing at the part when he said to go to the Walgreen's aisle that you never go to. The aisle with cocoa butter and hair mayonaise. LOL! I hope that he wasn't serious!