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Jul 8, 2009

Readers Emails Answered

Dear Writing Addict,

I will begin by first saying that I love your blog. Thank you for uplifting all of our locked sisters publicly. As a little background information: I had beautiful traditional locks for approximately four years which I cut off during a time of emotional turmoil in my life. That said... I have regretted that decision greatly ever since. When a decided to lock again, I went with Sisterlocks but after having this set of beautiful locks for two years now, I am finding it to be a personal maintenance nightmare because I just don't have the time to keep them up nor the money to get them done regularly. (I, too, am in graduate school, and am a wife and mother of three little ones.) So, my questions are... Can I switch to twisting my new growth as I did when I had traditional locks? My locks range in size from micro to small. Currently, I use the Nappylocs tool. Will my locks be able to withstand this method? Any recommendations on combining my micro locks to make them happily marry one another. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cee

Hello There Precious,

Well now, this is indeed an interesting question. I do know you can't make your Dreadlocs into Sistalocs, but you should be able to marry your sisterlocs together to achieve dreadlocs again. I do imagine that you will need the aide of a product, and the palm rolling technique. Let me mention that I am not a consultant on Sisterlocs and still very new to it all. However, I find them beautiful, just as I do regular Locs. I guess its all in the preference.

I don't think a locking tool would work since, there are a "few" locs you are intertwining.

Again, I do not see the problem with taking a few Sisterlocs and palm rolling or twisting them together to make the desired loc (in thickness) that you want. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Please try this with a few of your sisterlocs and let me know how they turned out.

Until then, I love you and Happy Locing!


Kicukalah said...

There are a few videos and blogs of folks 2-strand twisting their microlocks/sister locks and finding success. I have one particular person in mind and if I find her info, I will forward to you if you like.

Writing Addict said...

Kicukalah, Please send me this info. As I have Sisterloc emails pouring in.

Thanks Mamma