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Jul 8, 2009

Check it Out!

Hey Queens check out my write up on Lady Kinnks Blog. Honey, her blog and natural hair directory is nothing short of fabulous! I love her! Go here, to read, Admission of an Addict! Let me know what ya think!


new2locs said...

I love your write up on Kinnks blog. You spoke for so many of us out here trying to educate our permed sister's.

Laquita said...

Beautiful job and very inspirational! I was too excited when I discovered Road to Queendom on Kinnks - a wonderful combination :o)

Writing Addict said...

Thank you ladies!

kisses & ehugs to you both!

I appreciate you here!

Lady Kinnks said...

Awww thanks for calling Kinnks fabulous :) I love your reference to creamy crack. It really is that serious! I think we're doing a great job putting people through rehab :) ~Lady Kinnks :)

Kicukalah said...

Funny, I just post on my blog yesterday about being a "crack head".
I enjoyed your post. For me, when I relaxed my hair, I did it out of obedience. Every since childhood my mother relaxed my hair. As I got older, she would say "do something to your hair". When I became an adult and moved out, I still had the thought of "let me do something to my hair before my mom saids something OR before people would wonder what's wrong with Alice's child?
Not only was I an addict, but a slave to my hair with mental issues.

Writing Addict said...

Let me go one step further with this one! Just yesterday my mom, said it is my fault that my lil sis is addicted to hair weaves. She said she grew up watching me slap it in and glue it! Lawd why? Its a vicious cycle...smh

Writing Addict said...

Lady know your blog and site is fab-u-lous! I love the rehab part! LOLOLOL