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Jul 8, 2009

Don't Let this Be You! LOL

Asha Mandela is trying out for the Guinness World Records. Her longest dreadlock is 8ft 9ins long. She attempts to explain why she was able to grow her locs so reason is because as she puts it:

"A little bit of that good textured hair."

Lawd, this lady is crazy as hell....


Moosiko said...

Very interesting. I can imagine my kids would have a field day pulling on those if I would let mine get that long :)....Hot just ain't the word for it.

Naturally Speaking said...

WTH does she mean she is mixed and it gives her that good textured hair to grow long? I about died when I heard her say that! LOLOLOL

Some of these folks need to stop!

B said...

What the....she would be in Florida, right? Yeah....she had me until she said "a little bit of that good texture". FAIL

I'm still trying to find out what good texture is. I thought healthy=good. Ah well..

lovinmylittlelocs said...

Lawdy, WHEN, WHEN, WHEN R we gonna really overcome and STOP THE MADDNESS of this "good hair" BS!!!! What we r saying is that unless it is "mixed with white" it aint good??!!! STOP IT!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

"She has good textured hair, so her hair grows long?" I thought we all had good textured hair for locs! Poor thing! She has to get a life!

Quietspirit said...

I hope she realizes that the "good textured" hair comes from the african genes as straight hair is without texture. ;-)