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Jul 6, 2009

Happy New Week!

Hello Queens! I trust your 4th of July went well, and safe! I had a great 4th it was spent with loved ones. Our friend started a garage band, so we sat, and listened to him bring in the fireworks. Lord, what Rockstar on PS3 does to men! LOL

Okay enough of that. As you will see there has been a few changes with the criteria for posting in the comment section. As all of you may know I have a stalker out there who was desperate to be Loc'd Beauty of the Week, and felt entitled to be so even though she doesn't wear locs (smh). But now were over that. Its a new and fabulous week, and Queens such as ourselves cannot be bothered with such trivial subject matters.

So, please make sure you are a member of this blog, and you have a picture of yourself as your avatar. I will have to approve comments. Although this is a pain, I am usually on the computer 75% of my day. Its how I work...

Have a great and fabulous week Queens!

As always,

I Love Ya, and Happy Locing!

1 comment:

Enchantress said...

Wow... that's crazy.