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Jul 2, 2009

Artist Spotlight

Jacklyn Laryea

The above hauntingly beautiful young lady is Jacklyn Laryea, a 23 year old artist who shared with us Queens her passion for art. Read on and enjoy:

I’ve never been good at writing these “artist statements” because, in a sense, I believe art has the ability to speak for itself. Don’t have much of an option but to produce one, so here it is, I will give it my best shot.

we do not lose heart

It’s hard to put into words what motivates my work. I picked up a pencil and began drawing before I learned how to talk. Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, I immigrated to the United States at the age of 10 and found I suddenly had to reconcile my own identity as an Africa and a woman in a world saturated with its own ideas of individual expression.

living things

Art to me has always been like a conversation. It is a forum in which I feel entirely free to express the way I feel about surroundings, my life, and the myriad of experiences that continue to make me who I am. Beauty, erosion and contradiction in humanity are concepts that fascinate me and the goal in my own work is always to explore the layers and fragments individuals must confront in order to determine their own identity.

plight of sayuri

I believe there is substantial power in simplicity and at 23 years, I wake up each day inspired to create as I am moved by my own experiences. I wait for each sketch and painting to come, and strive to create my own voice and style in a field saturated with great artistic inspirations.

This Queen is definitely living out her purpose and has great passion for what she does. We salute that here at Its important to do what you love, what is in your heart. I'm still working on that one Queens, so I give props to those who are doing what they love!

Do you want to contact this artist? Would you like to browse and purchase some of her art? Go to


Melinda said...


Melinda said...

Beautiful work, please keep it up, truly a wonderful gift.

Writing Addict said...

Hi Melinda! You signed up! glad to have you here!

Nihu said...

love the art work