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Jul 6, 2009

Loc'd Beauty of the Week!

My name is Als Simmons. I started blogging in November at Theories of Anything. I share my thoughts, poetry, ideas and daily/weekly happenings. I’m really taken back by the blogging community. It’s like a whole new world opened up for me and I realize that in most cases I’m not really alone with my struggles of being a twenty something year old island girl in the big city of London Town. I’m originally from the Caribbean islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Locs Locs Locs… I’m always on the look out for new tips and hair style ideas. I’ve had locs since January 2001. I actually got it on the spur of a moment. I was washing my hair and I really couldn’t be bothered to go through the process of combing it out etc and I called my big sis in the bathroom and told her to cut. I went from having 6 inches of hair to less than an inch. For the first time in my known life I had no hair to cover my high forehead. I looked like a boy and felt like crap. I didn’t know how to rock the new look then and only shocked and mortified my family and friends. That was September 2000 and finally decided to twist them in the New Year.

I went through the ugly stages where I didn’t know if my hair was going or coming… if my locs were locing properly or not. I had nightmares that I have two fat bongo-natty in the middle of my head and also that my mum cut off my hair while I slept. I also had nightmares that my hair turned as if it was chemically relaxed. I went through phases of feeling good about my hair and phases of feeling like a man and ugly. It is as if I went through the caterpillar phase, then the pupae phase and finally I started feeling beautiful and free like the wonderful butterfly.

I developed a way of expressing myself in poetry. On my blog, I have posted many of my poems. Many are based on transitions and inner struggles and triumph. The highlight for me was when my locs started shaking in the breeze for the first time…Amazing freedom, lightness and a wonderful sense of achievement. I met many amazing people and took part in hair, clothes and jewellery modelling events in London through Adornment. I was always going to the hair stylist. But, for the past three years, I’ve been doing my own hair with tender, love and care. I love using the Bodyshop honey conditioner and shampoo. I’m still trying to workout what’s the best oil for my hair because it gets so dry. I currently am using Anita Grants lavender and sandalwood hair butter to twist my hair.

Many of my friends have now decided to go natural, which is cool. Right now, my hair is past the middle of my back and I’ve cut it a couple times. I am thinking of cutting it again though. I’m wondering if to cut it in a bob. Anyone has any hair cut style pictures to share? I would love some pointers.

Thanks for reading and just remember that whether your hair is relax, natural or locked, you are all beautiful. Stay true and honest and please trust your intuition. Stay Bless!

You can find this Queen at her blog,

One word "Gorgeous!"


Thandi said...

Testing!I just saw the previous post about having to be a memeber fo the blog.How does that happen?

Writing Addict said...

Hi Thandi! All you have to do is hit the follow button on the right of the blog where you see the other members. Please do so we would be overjoyed to have you!

Peace Queen!