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May 18, 2009

Loc'd Beauty of the Week

What you know about Empire Isis?

This North-African loc'd beauty defies all preconceived ideas of your typical Urban artist. Empire ISIS aka ‘Gangstress’ brings a new meaning to word "World Music" by breaking down the musical barriers and fusing Hiphop, Reggae into a pop format on her second LP "Brand New Style".

Half British half Moroccan but raised by a Ugandan stepfather who adopted her - Empire ISIS, grew up in different places such as: Canada, the UK and Morocco. At the age 16, ISIS set off for South and Central America, bicycling through 7 countries from Panama to Mexico. Her adventures in Latin America ignited the spark that would forever change her. However, it was only until she went to the rolling hills of Jamaica that she truly found herself. While filming a documentary about the BoBo Shanti (an isolated group of strict Rastafarians) in the hills of Jamaica that gave birth to conscious dancehall pioneer, (Sizzla) she realized being on stage and singing Urban music was her calling. It was on this trip that ISIS first encountered foundation artists such as Chinna Smith and Dean Frazer who schooled her on the history and making of reggae music. ISIS put aside her camera, and picked up the mic. She set out on her most challenging journey: making conscious urban music for the masses. In sum, Empire ISIS brings a militant, passionate, and high energy type of reggae music which can be appreciated by all. From her unique look to her blazing lyrics, ISIS is a true provocateur challenging peoples perceptions, stereotypes and common modes of thinking. Ultimately, ISIS says, "I want to inspire people to follow their dreams, to do what they're here on earth for"

1 comment:

Karen said...

She is lovely!