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May 19, 2009

Asian Locs?

Ever wonder why people in America hate our natural hair so much? I do because other cultures practically do whatever it takes to get their hair coarse, and what some call, "nappy." Look I am not opposed to the word nappy honey, as I am "Happy to be Nappy!" Anyway take a look at the following Asian people sporting locs, and afros! Yes, that't right, afros! They get a so called afro perm, that strips away their natural texture so it can be just like ours!

Hmph, this hairstyle isn't so bad! LOL I might have to bite this look! Anyway, it just makes you wonder how hard foreigners are laughing at our silly tails for hating our natural gifts God gave us!
While we deny, deny, deny our culture, other cultures are eating it up! They are desperate to get what we have and we just take it for granted.
Amazing huh? So while we go and run to the hairdresser to get the creamy relax our natural curl pattern. Someone is running to their hairdresser to get their relaxed and straight hair tightly curled and say what? Gasp! Nappy?

You need to learn to love what you have, and who you are. You say you love GOD but hate what he has given you...the dark and bronzed skin that people are tanning, and spraying themselves to death. The full lips that women are injecting what they can to plump theirs up. The big bottom that you are trying to disguise or work off, while women all over are dying at the hands of botched booty plumping jobs, and paying an arm and a leg for.

This should teach you something, you are a treaure, a jewel, a Queen! Appreciate your beauty, because others sure are.

Wear your blackness like a badge and walk tall knowing you have what others so desperately want...

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Thandi said...


Amina said...

omg! those locs are goooooooooorgeous!

Moosiko said...

Amen to that

msfullroller said...

Yes ma'am!

Kicukalah said...

nuff said!

yours truly said...

they are rocking some amazing styles. great post.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

Amen!! It's a shame black people hate their natural state, but overseas the asians are loving it!

Carmen said...

Great Post! I don't agree however that blacks hate their hair or themselves we as a people have been "brainwashed" to reject ourselves in favor of a cosmetic developed European beauty which in itself is just "black" that has been watered down with historical cosmetic treatments & genetic breeding that achieved a cosmetic look aka Mulatto & a deathly white washed ashed skin tone. It's really the cosmetic European who hates themselves & the skin God gave them "dirt red".