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May 17, 2009

Reader's Emails Answered

Hey ya'll you know when I receive some interesting email from a reader I am going to share because more Queens may have a need to know!

Dear Writing Addict,

I am trying to loc my hair. It will not stay together at the ends they come undone and the roots come untwisted. I now have what looks like short afro with twists all over. The nape keeps coming undone faster than any other part. Is it ok to put rubber bands (black little ones that are safe for hair) on until it starts to loc?

Thanks for your help,
Signed Trying to Loc It Up!
Dearest Trying to Loc It Up,

Greetings! Thank you for contacting me and I do hope that I can give you the answer you are looking for.

It all depends on the personal aesthetic, length of hair, and grade of hair. Methods used are:

*Comb twist
*Backcombing method
*Two-strand twist
*Organic/Free Form

The different hair types are:

Wavy, curly, and kinky or coarse. Again each type of hair requires a different take on locing up that hair honey. If you have wavy, or curly hair its best to use the backcombing, two-strand twist, or braidloc method. But if you have a short afro I'm assuming you have less than 3 inches of hair.

Therefore, I will answer you based on my assumptions (I hate assuming as I do not want to be ...welll u if Im wrong please email me k?).

Combtwisting (my personal favorite):

I also use light aloe vera gel and 100% shea butter mixed together if you have kinky, or coarse hair. If you have fine wavy, or curly hair you can use a light gel. After hair has been shampooed, and deeply conditioned section hair one at a time with the end of the rat tail comb apply a small amount of the mixed product together and take the rat tail end of a comb and rotate it through sectioned or small bunches of hair. The sections should be intricate, and squarelike. Again, I only use shea butter mixture on virgin, coarse, or kinky hair.


Is done by using a crochet hook and taking the tip end of the section of hair and looping it through the area of hair closest to the scalp above it…repetitively repeating this process until a tight series of micro-knots form.

Organic/Free Form:

This matter of locking is using ones hands to break the Afro into unorganized sections and periodically manipulating them until the matted cylinders form on their own.

Your hair should not be unraveling at the beginning stages unless you do not have any product in the hair, you have been shampooing excessively, or you are not tying it down with a silk or satin scarf when lounging around or sleeping. You may use little black rubberbands. But be mindful that there are other ways, the rubberbands can always be cut out of your locs.

If you have very fine wavy, or curly hair you might want to start with the braidloc method. With braids, part the hair in sections that are the size you want your dreadlocks to be. You don't need to break out the ruler, but if you want thin dreadlocks make sure the braids are parted small, medium parts for thicker dreadlocks, and so on. You can begin with either wet or dry hair. If you start with wet hair use a hooded dryer on a medium setting to allow the braids to set. After the hair dries, you may spray your scalp with natural oil for moisture if desired. Avoid using too much oil or too heavy of an oil/pomade as they will be difficult to remove from your dreadlocks.

Also, please note that the nape of your neck will always come down! I have mature locs, and my nape still comes down, no matter how many times I twist it. I believe this is due to the way we perspire in the back of our heads, how it is constantly growing out back there, clothing rubbing up against it. When we lay back in the tub it continuously gets wet. Don't worry about that, just note you will be twisting that area for a long time to come :)

Thank you and Happy Locing!

"Writing Addict"


Naturigurl said...

JUst dropping by to say you've been tagged with the kreative blogger award and you know you deserve it because your blog is tre wonderful. The rules go that you have to list 7 things that you truly love then give the award to 7 bloggers who truly inspire you. No obligation of course choose as many or as little recipients you would like.

Peace and blessings


Writing Addict said...

Thank you honey!!

Big Bless Ups!!!