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May 6, 2009

The Big Chop!

Queens, after posting the Beauty of the Week, Nerissa Irving, I got inspired to get some bangs. I've been wanting them forever, but after seeing that darling I just pushed fear aside and did the damn thing. Now I ain't gone say I wasn't scared at first because I haven't taken scissors to my head in years besides trimming my edges and a little grooming.

But yaay, I feel great and I love the look. Its so versatile, and just cute! What do you ladies think? Be honest...I won't be mad! LOL


Chanel said...

Its cute on you. Will you miss being able to pull all the hair up, those bangs just have to stay in your face....

Quietspirit said...

Very nice. The bangs definitely work for you.

Writing Addict said...

Thanks Ladies!

Well yeah they just kinda stay there! LOL, but you can actually put them to the side. I am so loving them though, nice change after 7 or so years lol.

Anonymous said...

i'm loving the bangs - i've always admired them on other loced heads but i've always been afraid i would be too heavy handed with the scissors. i once attempted to trim my own hair and lets just say it didn't end well ... any tips? said...

Hi there!

I am just passing through the neighborhood!

Those bangs look cute! Bangs make almost all women look a bit younger!

You are welcome to drop by my spot and share whenever you'd like! Right now, we're discussing unity...all sorts of controversial stuff!


Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!