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May 7, 2009

Reader's Email Answered

Hey ya'll you when I receive some interesting email from a reader I am going to share because more Queens may have a need to know!

Dear Writing Addict,

I love your blog!
You hair is BEAUTIFUL! You, as well as other ppl online, have inspired me to take the plunge and get locs!!!

I have two month old locs and I am a little worried about their size and the amount i have.
They seem big but I want them to be medium to small (but closer to small)..... Your size is about the size I want but I think my and my stylist were on different pages, lol.

I say all of this because I would like to ask you how may locs you have??? (If you even know, lol)

I have 151 and my hair is really thick so I'm hoping that they will give me the size i hoped for but I'm starting to think they will not. The base of most locs are pretty thick.

If I have to re-do them, i will because after that I plan on keeping them for a while, you know.

I would really really appreciate your help since I dont know anyone with locs :)
"Name Withheld out of Respect"
Peace Queen!

Thank you for writing me and for the compliments. I appreciate receiving email from my sisters and I am happy to help! Let me answer your questions:

I have taken a look at your pictures on Fotki and want to assure you that your twists are absolutely beautiful and they will be that much more beautiful once they have become matured and loc'd. I have around the same amount of locs on my head that you have and let me assure you that as they mature they will thicken up. However, please be advised that you have thick hair and if you make them smaller, with more locs they will be a big task to take care of!

If you are fretting that they are not small enough what you can do is take your fingers and separate each loc into the desired size you would like. Remember, if you do this your hair will no longer be separated in uniformed locs (meaning parts). Which I didn't have when I started a 2nd set of locs for myself.

Sometimes, we think we want smaller locs because we think it looks better. But honestly the smaller the loc, the higher the maintenance. Also, there is the likelihood that they will break at the root or thin out on the loc, and around your edges.

So you have to take all of these things into consideration. But whatever decision you make you will be beautiful! I hope I have answered all of your questions.

Happy Locing!
"Writing Addict"

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