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Apr 28, 2009

Artist Spotlight

We all need that one piece, or multiple accessories to make the outfit complete. Some key pieces which can pull together a ho-hum outfit and make it fa-bu-lous! Well the artist in our spotlight can do just that! Camille Peace of Peace Images is a jeweler who makes spectacular handmade jewelry which speaks to the soul. I stumbled upon this sister on where she sells her beautiful African inspired jewels. Here is our interview:

Me: Peace Queen! I want to thank you for taking time out to grant me this interview on your lovely art inspired jewelry. Can you tell me how long you have been making jewelry?

Camille: In Jan of 2008, I was wandering around a craft store with my fiancee, and stumbled upon the jewelry aisle. I saw pliers, cutters, charms, wooden beads, and my creative juices went crazy! I bought a few basic tools, went home and repaired my favorite pieces that had been outta commission for years. I felt SO empowered!! Then I thought.. why can't I make my own jewelry? I came from a mama who looooved her diamonds. She took me jewelry shopping constantly and taught me about links, textures, styles, prices. I am not into diamonds for various reasons, (aesthetic, political, social), but the knowledge she gave to me made quite an impression. I took what she taught me and applied it to my own style and by Apr 2008, I opened my store on etsy after spending a few months studying the craft.

Me: Did you ever make your own jewelry as a kid?

Camille: I never made jewelry as a kid.. I didn' t make much of anything as a kid. My mama bought me a ton of it, though :) Growing up in Southern California (San Diego), I had access to the amazing sterling silver artisans in Mexico. You could get beautiful things for CHEAP! I did not come from artistic parents, and it was not really promoted in our household. We always had access to supplies, it just wasn't seen as an option, or something I would put any energy into. It wasn't practical...

Me: From where do you draw your inspiration?

Camille: I draw my inspiration from my photography work; it teaches me about texture and visual appeal. I also find inspiration in architecture, recycled materials, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Angela Davis, beautiful kinky-headed Queens like me. I want to create things that make us feel beautiful; things that are more in line with what we find appealing... things that compliment our wide range of skin tones and styles. I also try to incorporate spiritual elements and stones that interact with our chakras. Kemet plays a role as does all of Mama Africa. I also love food... food stimulates my creative energy, as well. Conflict... something sad in the news, child soldiers, hunger, disease, lack of control. I am a pisces moon and rising. I feel EVERYTHING and I put it all into what I make.

Me: Do you find that you place your own style throughout your jewelry?

Camille: I create things that I would wear, or would WANT to find in a store, but never have.; And if I did, probably couldn't afford it (smile); and I think my jewelry does have a style to it.. I'm not quite sure how to define it yet, but the universe will tell me when I'm ready for it.

Me: Is there a particular metal or stone you prefer to work with?

Camille: When I first started making jewelry, I used a lot of coconut and sea shell; You can tell I was raised in a beach I am lovin' brass, and i've always preferred silver over gold. I have been using amethysts for their calming properties.. the recession has a lot of us on edge.

Me: Do you have a storefront?

Camille: For now, I only sell my things online. Http://, website: ... For those of you in the St. Louis area, you're welcomed to come by my spot for viewings (smile) I hope to be in some boutiques in the next few months. As the weather warms up, so shall I pound the pavement (smile) I have associates and friends losing jobs everyday, it seems. I think 2009 is showing us that we need to have a side hustle to help pick up the slack. I'm blessed to have a fiancee who challenges me, and motivates me to be better. That sounds corny, but it is true. I am very much influenced by the people I keep around me, and I chill with only a few...

Sisterloc Jewelry

I really appreciate your support. It humbles me and motivates me to keep studying, keep challenging myself and keep doing what I'm doing. I love my African (American) culture. When I first went natural over 5 years ago, my entire style changed. It was difficult to find jewelry and clothing that helped me accessorize my new lifestyle. I didn't like that feeling. I'm so honored to be able to create art using ankhs and symbols that are important to US, and I hope you feel beautiful when you wear them.

Here are more pieces from the artists' collection, make sure you go to Http:// to order and also custom order jewelry!

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