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Apr 29, 2009

Debunking "Dread"loc Myths

Locs are dirty- Well unless you are on some kind of mission to be PigPen from the Peanuts Gallery, or not able to take regular baths & showers this simply is the #1 myth about having locs. Now the lady above in the picture? I can't speak f0r her, I don't know what she has going on but I can tell you that when meticulously maintained and cared for, locs are clean, and smell wonderful! Its all about how you care for your locs. Hey, I've seen people with chemical processes with the dirtiest hair ever! Sheesh, dandruff falling all over the place, hair smelling like somethings' burning, and too much product built up on the scalp. So its not the hairstyle, but the person.

You can't work in Corporate America with locs- Honey, this is also untrue; hey, I'm a living testimony to that. I hold a corporate daytime job, and I'm rocking locs all day long. In fact I receive many compliments from peers, and my employers. The fact is, locs have become so mainstream that unless you are in the military its pretty hard to find an employer who has a strong distaste for locs. It depends on the career field really. I will assure you its the person 9 times out of 10. Black women in particular have been fighting this battle for years, to wear our hair natural in any state in corporate america. So, the issue is much deeper than just wearing locs to work.

Locs aren't considered sexy- Look, I really feel bad for women who are scared to wear their hair in locs or any other natural hairstyle for fear of not being considered attractive or sexy. In fact, I have never felt more attractive and sexy since I began wearing this particular hairstyle. Every stage of the locing process forces you to accept you as you are. From the budding stage to the maturing process. I have felt beautiful at every level regardless of what someone else may have felt. I never thought I would feel this comfortable in my own do you feel Queens about this? I don't know how many men have stepped to me telling me how sexy I am and naturally beautiful. My husband adores my hair almost as much as me, sheesh, if he see me with a pair of scissors anywhere near my locs he almost has a heat attack. I have to constantly remind him that I am not my hair!

Only Black people can wear dreadlocs- Another myth. I have had a many associate other than African-American with locs, actually beautiful locs. While there is a division of who originated locs, one thing is for certain we aren't the only people who have discovered this empowering and regal hairstyle. While it may be easier for us as a people to loc, Asians, Caucasions, and Indians have been wearing locs for centuries. As for me, I am going to hang on to the faith that Solomon rocked them in biblical times. However, this does not discredit anyone elses' religion.

You have to shave your head when you don't want your locs anymore- This is not true, and one of the main reasons why most people won't loc in the first place. I am not going to lie, the process of loc removal is a long and tedious task. It requires a lot of patience and conditioner :) but it can be done. Don't worry if you lose a lot of hair while you are combing the dreadlocks out, this is hair that would have fallen out in the day-to-day hair removal cycle. The only reason you still have it is because you had dreadlocks and dreadlocks keep the hair all knotted together. However, wearing your hair loc'd is a commitment and if you aren't serious about wearing them then you may want to skip this hairstyle all together. It takes a great deal of confidence to pull locs off. As you will get a lot of stares, questions, comments, and unwanted opinions! (Trust me on that one). Still, its a journey worth taking if you take it. So, as the video I posted is suggesting it can be done, but if you are going to do, you may want to enlist some help.

People who sport locs are Rastas- Big up to all my Rastas! But, not all loc wearers follow this sect. I have also been asked if I am Muslim....I don't know where that one came from, but no I am not. Not all rastas are Muslims. People of all different backgrounds, races, religions, and cultures wear locs.

Loc Wearers are Weed Smokers

Not true either, again people locs are a lifestyle and religion for some; and for others merely a hairstyle. I don't think you have to indulge in recreational drugs to wear the hairstyle.

So this list could continue....but for lack of time I will close here. What other myths have you encountered? Lets debunk them here!


Kicukalah said...

Another myth is that you can't do anything with locs. In other words, you can't style them. At first, I thought this one to be true. I still wanted locs. I was willing to accept that I wouldn't be able to style my hair. After a lot of research, I was so excited when I was proven wrong. Locs can be colored, cut into a style, set on rollers, pulled up in an updo, and if you locs are small enough a curling iron on a low setting can even put pizzaz in your locs!

Writing Addict said...

You are correct with that one. I am so glad you debunked the myth and sought info on your own! Love it!

Enchantress said...

Excellent post!!!

The most recent question I got was "Are you Jamaican?" I'm not. A lot of people still think hair style=nationality.

Another question is "How long are you going to keep [those] in your head"? There are still many who believe locing is a phase...and a rebellious one at that.


kiyeka gift said...

Ilove this website, it's very encouraging. I have been wearing my locs for 7 years. It was a stressful tasks at first, because I cut all of my hair off and started very short. I wore wraps for about six months, until I could do some kind of pinning up so I can't say that I felt beatiful through the whole process, but I can say that the process gave me confidence to find my beauty. I love my locs, have had them dyed twice. I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world. Finally I have found something that's just for me. It's wonderful, it's freedom! It takes patience and committment, but when you are tired of getting burned by relaxers and your hair falling out, and you can't wear your own hair without weave in it, you get tired. I did anyway and so I found something that fits me, why would I go back? (AT Least for now anyway).