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Apr 27, 2009

Loc'd Beauty of the Week!

This weeks loc'd beauty of the week is none other than the uber sexy and hottest Soca entertainer right now, Fay Ann Lyons. Faye-Ann Lyons was born in 1980 in Point Fortin, Trinidad. She began her singing career back in 2000, and is currently with the Invasion band.

Her merits include winning the Road March title in 2003 in Trinidad and Tobago for the hit song "Display". Display was the most played song during the carnival of 2003 in Trinidad and Tobago. She is also the third female in history to achieve this honor of winning the Road March title in Trinidad and Tobago.

Faye is the wife of the Hot Soca artist Bungi Garlin and the daughter of Soca ledgend “SuperBlue.” The family welcomed a baby girl on February 28th, 2009.


Thandi said...

Where do you find so many loc'd beauties? You must be genius LOL.When I used to watch TV etc I didn't see many except for Whoopi and a South African lady.oh, and Tracy Chapman!

Writing Addict said...

Oh Lawd, Whoppi & Tracy Chapman! LOL No disrespect but you make sure to keep coming back for more inspiration! LOLOLOL There are soo many beautiful and accomplished loc'd beauties!

Sincere said...