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Aug 1, 2012

Keep Your Negative Comments to Yourself!

 Go head babygirl!

Olympic gold medalist, 16-year-old Gabby Douglas who is the only African-American young lady on our American team has been the new target of venomous self-hatred by our own. Yep, thats right this young lady who has sacrificed everything to garner her dreams, and make not only her family proud but Americans everywhere had to read malicious comments about of all things...her hair!

No seriously! I seen the crap myself on my Twitter timeline. It made me so freaking angry I had to literally lose my Zen to let people know that if they aren't going to celebrate this babygirl they need to shut the hell up, literally!

As black women you know the subject of hair is a touchy one. Be honest with yourself, whats the first thing you look at when you encounter a sister on the street? Thats right, her hair! Black women have been fighting this war, since before I was born and you know that was many moons ago. So why in the hell would anyone tweet such ignorant comments about something as simple as her hair on a worldwide platform? I can guarantee you that the world is watching, and laughing at our simple ass tweets one at a time! Yes, I've already read some blogs questioning us as a race and our criticism towards one another. Ya'll cut the fool when we were called, "Nappyheaded hoes," by Don Imus. That's different? Oh. Really its not, because when they see and hear us acting ignorant and trivial, guess what? They feel they have the green light to do so too. I also want to point out that one of our own, even if we don't want to claim her...Niki Minaj rapped lyrics about a, nappy headed hoe needing a Just for Me. But you still snapping your fingers and bopping your heads to the beat huh?

When will we address the self-hatred, bigotry in our own community? When will we stop nitpicking every single, small flaw on one another? When will we grab our babies, kiss them, hug them, and tell them they are more than enough; that they've done a fantastic job? That were proud? When will it be enough of our children committing suicide from bullying, taunting, and teasing? When will enough be enough?

Black folks why can't you just be quiet sometimes and speak up about the things that matter? The issues that are plaguing us? The presidential election? The education deficiencies in our community? The alarming STD/Infection rates?

Oh...I didn't think so.

Look at this screen capture of a Twitter timeline I saw on Jezebel circulating below:

Really? You want to taunt and tease a young lady who has probably done more in her lifetime than anyone of us put together? Maybe I shouldn't fight fire with fire, but for once I am sick of it!

Not since 1996, have we had an Olympist gymnast (Dominique Dawes).  Where is Gabby's congratulations? Where is her adoration for making it to the top...oh I'm sorry were too busy tearing each other down to even go there.

Head on over to for further insight on this hot ass mess topic. Until then, I'm gonna tweet her some more congratulations.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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