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Feb 9, 2011

Ask Writing Addict

 Dear Writing Addict,

Hi my name is Rika and I would very much like to start locks. I am 16 years old and though some of the most important people in my life seem to be against it, I have decided that locking is something I want to do. I have considered them for almost a year and now I want to just go for it. But what I would just like to know is how do I decide what size locks I would like to have, what do I need to consider when deciding, and how do I explain it to the loctician once the decision is made?

 Dear Rika,

Congratulations on your decision to become a young loc'd lady! You are trying to flex your independence muscles by choosing your own hairstyle however, some family members might be concerned for you. What I mean is, it may not be about the hairstyle in particular it might be one of the following:

  1. They might not know the vast array of loc hairstyles you can choose from
  2. They might not be knowledgeable about locs
  3. They may fear how others might treat you
So, don't be upset with their concern. You have to understand they are only concerned because they don't know any better. Therefore, it is up to you to groom them if you will on the history, and the great strides we as loc wearers have made. You can do this by: showing them this website, the wide array of loc'd beauties who wear this hairstyle proudly, brush them up on the spiritual reasons behind why people sport the hairstyle, loc history, and point out famous, or successful loc wearers! Trust me when I started my locs, and I was a grown woman I faced a LOT of opposition. All people aren't comfortable in the skin they are in, or seeing those they love in their natural state. So take it easy on them.

Now, you need to choose how you will wear your hair. Take into consideration the type of profession you want when you grow up. Think about the types of hairstyles you would like to rock with locs, the amount of time you want to upkeep them, etc.  You have to look through tons of pics online and possible print off the picture of the person's locs you admire the most (if you want to get that size). Remember, everyone's locs are different, and all locs do not grow the same way, in the same size. Also note, that locs tend to thicken up over time!

Here are a few size options:



 Traditional Small

 Traditional Medium

Traditional Large

 Traditional Xtra large 

I hope this helps honey! Good luck and let me know how it all turns out!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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kiingdonPellyoSo said...

what about the freeformers?