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Nov 19, 2010

RL from Next Gives Women Advice...

RL from the chart topping group Next has a blog that I happened upon. While on his blog I found an insightful open letter to women, in which he entitled, Beautiful. It was refreshing to read something like this from a man who is in the industry; which perpetuates and promotes anything but being naturally beautiful. Nice to see he took time to address a rampant issue within our community. Read on:

If you feel you need weave & makeup or you can’t put your hair in a ponytail and throw on some jeans with some sneakers and just kick it…. This article isn’t for you.

There’s nothing wrong with getting made up, but it’s the covering up that I have major issues with. It’s like adding rims and tent to your car, no problem. But when you start putting spoilers and crazy stripes with bright a$$ colors you cover up the beauty of the vehicle & diminish the true value. That’s exactly what a lot of women do in today’s society.

Lacefronts, crazy colored contacts, booty implants, ankle length weaves (I’m exaggerating), & cake faced makeup. Why are you covering up the beauty God has blessed you with? If your eyes were supposed to be blue or green they would’ve been. If you cut your hair off because of a bad perm or you damaged it in some other way I totally understand extensions. But get it done by a professional. Experimenting on dolls when you were growing up was cool…. But umm… you’re grown now… and uh… not so cool. Somewhere true beauty has been wrongfully transformed. Beauty is confidence in who you are and what God’s given you. No booty? Accentuate them breastesses or vice versa. How you look isn’t what will keep a man, who you are will. We put to much emphasis on looks & that makes many females over do it. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised when I undress you then disappointed and fooled by padded bras and booty pads. Be who you are and I’ll respect you more, plus confidence is sexy.

A woman covering up her deficiencies is the same as a man lying about where he works, lives, how many kids he has, what kind of car he drives… you get the idea. 

I for one hate weave and makeup. I’d rather have the chance to pull the little bit of hair you do have than to just look at that yacky or milky whatever you call it! [oops can’t forget that expensive indian hair].I’d much rather grab that real rabbits foot then to have to just look at that fake ponytail. And as far as makeup goes, many women have forgotten that it’s supposed to accentuate beauty not totally cover up what you really look like.

Look, if you’re an actress, model, singer, or someone else that has to put heat to your hair daily, weave is understandable. Or, if you’re in front of bright lights and cameras makeup is needed, I totally understand. But, if you’re just trying to barbie yourself or emulate someone you see on television, please believe once that camera cuts off they’re probably rushing to wash that junk off.

Ladies, no matter you’re weight, skin tone, or hair length you’re beautiful. Don’t let trends, video chicks, or anyone else tell you any different. Quit hiding under the makeup and hair. There’s no need to hide what us real men know is beauty. If you have to get all made up for him to look at you he’s blind and you don’t need him. Never ever forget your: BEAUTIFUL

Well said! His website is,

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

janel said...

truly gorgeous letter! however, it's kinda a catch 22--guys say that they respect and love their natural women, but then they're talking all the sh*t about no boobs, no booty, long straight hair, etc. makes it kinda hard for a woman to know what to do and how to represent sometimes. i like my way better: i don't stress about pleasing a man and i please myself in terms of hair, dress, and makeup. i'm loc'd (almost three years), i wear what i'm comfortable in and i use makeup when and if i feel like it. if a man likes it fine, if he doesn't then he's entitled--but i do these things for me, not for him! blessings...