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Oct 18, 2010

Oh Kohl's....Epic Fail!

**UPDATED Yet Again**

Kohl's took the whole thing down! Good going everyone, we did it! We are showing people that we are no longer going to take disrespect. Stand up for what you believe in, its the only way!
Twitter is all abuzz about this fuckery Kohl's is displaying, so much that Kohl's official twitter page has become flooded with irate women of color calling foul, and claiming racism (you know I was one of them!). Anyway, as of late, the item is unavailable. But the racist commentary which accompanies a scary new pic is still there on the site. We are not stopping until they take that shit down. I am so sick of this mess....I will fight it every time I am faced with it! Check out the new page.

My blogging sis Afrobella put the word out on department store Kohl's ratchetness. The photo you see is actually up on their site, they are selling a wig in time for Halloween, called Ghetto Fab Wig (insert deep sigh here). Not only is it ethnic inspired, but read the description of it:

Dance the night away in Halloween costume wigs. The disco-inspired Afro style of this adult wig makes it perfect for your festive outfit. Shop our full line of wigs and Halloween costumes at
Insert another deep sigh, its an disco-inspired Afro style? They why didn't they just name it disco wig? Why must it be called ghetto fab? So hair which is afro curly is ghetto fab? Kohls, you are all types of wrong with this. Who in the marketing department thought this was cute? Who approved this? Why didn't you think there would be any backlash? Why shouldn't I or anyone else of the African diaspora feel slightened?

As Afrobella put it, every Halloween people run out and grab up the afros, dreadlock, and braid wigs because why? I know there are plenty of straight wigs, but lets be real people. Why is there a constant attack on African-American women, their skin color, hair texture, and body types? Why should we continue to be quiet about behavior such as this? Some of you continue to doubt that their is such a thing going on. But if you can't see it I don't know what to tell ya.

Queens we need to speak up and out about the shenanigans that are being portrayed! African American hair is beautiful, and how dare they put us down like this? Well for one I know I will be writing and sending them a letter today. Ladies let your voices be heard!

*Origianlly found on*

Go here to take a look at the ad!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

NaturalBlackOne said...

Terrible, just terrible!! Black natural haired women can't catch a break anywhere...not from their own,or from others!!