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Oct 27, 2010

Loc Product Junky?

 Is this the picture under your sink? On top of your sink? 

Let's talk about loc products. This is one section I covered two years ago, when I first started On the Road to Queendom. Let me just tell you that products are like a lot of other things, it has to fit you. What might work for a friend, might not work for you and you have to be alright with that. In other words you need to try a few if any at all until you find what fits. 

With locs, you can use products or choose not too. The misconception of traditional locs is that we "have" to use products. This may be partly true if you want the look of salon locks...but a free former or latcher may not use anything at all. However, after years of locing, and locing others hair, I saw that you might use different products at very different stages.


If you have baby locs and you want that fresh from the salon, traditional, box parted look then you will need to use something with a bit more hold. This ranges anywhere from actual beeswax (yucky), gel and beeswax mixed together (thats how I started), or some type of loc butter. If you are a latcher, again you won't have to use anything at all just like a free former wouldn't.

Teen locs doesn't take as much product if you are traditionally loc'd. A teeny bopper can use something lighter because their locs have taken shape, are already matting, and they just need something to tame the wild hairs.

Mature locs such as myself, or Nerissa Irving can get away with nothing at all if we want. We can use something extremely light like Aloe Vera gel and that is it. 

So again, remember it depends on the stages of locs, don't be afraid to test different products. But make sure it is something you can wash out of your hair!

Anymore questions just email me!
Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Nathalie said...

Im not that bad w products like in the picture but I do have a lot more products than I really need. Im in the teenage stage (1 yr in) and like to try new products sometimes too see what works

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

Honey my bathroom cabinet resembles this darn pic when I was in my loc teen took forever to find out what worked for me.

Natasha Vincent, Crazy about personal care! said...

Err, I think I test too much. But I pass it off as doing product reviews :lol:

Great tips on what to look in hair care products at each stage!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I just had to comment even though it's really late....

My counter used to look like this. It doesn't anymore. It took 3 years for my to either use the products of figure some usefulness for the duds. Shampoos that promise to transform me into a natural Beyonce became shaving gels. Some products were mixed with others to make spritzes. Many were just given away. My counter now contains the products that works for me and I actually use. And if someone wants me to try something, they are going to have to give me a free sample!

I think that's part of the process. Most Black women have no clue how to care for our hair unless it's permed. And in colonial countries, we are too miscegenated to make any assumptions about anyone else's hair.

Thanks for the soapbox!