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Oct 13, 2010

Essence 1st Hot Hair Issue

 What year is this again? Hmph, I thought so....Essence finally giving us a hair issue? Let me be quiet and just thank the hair gods that they finally did it *side eye.* Anyway everybody's favorite magazine (I'm trying people) sent out a press release in reference to their new venture. It reads:

In its first issue dedicated to hair, ESSENCE highlights the unique relationship between African-American women and their hair with the launch of HOT HAIR, an interactive experience covering all things hair -- from root to tip -- for African-American women.  This special issue covers all of the beauty needs, questions, concerns and triumphs of African-American hair care and style.
Further enhance your HOT HAIR experience on which features look books, hair tips and interactive tools that allow you to "try on" different hair styles and makeup donned by some of your favorite celebrities. Take a look:
Cover Story: HEAD STRONG
"...The haircut was a part of my introduction , and it was a subliminal way for me to tell the people that I was taking the music back..." -- Monica
This fly girl has not only entertained the world for more than a decade with her beautiful soulful voice; but the R&B princess is also known for her "dare to be different" hairstyles. Monica has gone from long to short hair and black to blonde hair and back. She opens up to ESSENCE about her career, motherhood and -- of course -- her hair. (Page 80) Check out scenes from her ESSENCE photo shoot here:
According to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Dwight Eubanks, the proper code of conduct at the salon is simple: "The things you would not want others to do at your house, you should not do at the salon." From treating your first appointment like a first date to separating business from pleasure, Mr. Eubanks gives some surefire lessons on how to act right in the salon. (Page 24)
The secret to creating a style that flatters, not falters, begins with a look in the mirror to determine your face shape.  So whether you're round, oval, heart shaped or square, let ESSENCE experts guide you to your most becoming styles in FACE OFF. (Page 62) In THE TRANSFORMERS, three women discover what a difference a cut makes when ESSENCE revamps their style. (Page 57)
"Embracing my natural hair is a form of self-exploration. I don't desire to straighten my hair because it doesn't speak to who I am'' -- Esperanza Spalding
For Esperanza Spalding and other rock and soul singers from around the globe, virgin locks are simply divine. (Page 90)
ESSENCE’S SPECIAL HOT HAIR issue hits newsstands October 12th!
  • EDITORS PICK: 130 HOT SALON STYLES:  ESSENCE made it their mission to scour the country to find the stylists who are creating the looks you'll want to wear next. Check out the choices that made the cut. (Page 73)

  • IT'S A VIBRANT THING: Dynamic hues give life to the dullest strands. Dare to go bolder, brighter or even richer and become an unforgettable object of desire. (Page 82)

  • HEALTHY HAIR AND HOW TO GET THERE: Every woman wants healthy hair and ESSENCE gives you fabulous tips on how to achieve it. Learn tips on growing long and lush locks in GREAT LENGTHS. (Page 100) Bounce back from your toughest hair dilemmas after reading THE COMEBACK. (Page 104)

  • WELCOME TO BEAUTY SCHOOL: Learn techniques that will have you blow-drying like a pro -- maybe even better -- in BLOW BY BLOW. (Page 30) Get schooled on how and where to buy the hair of your dreams in THE MANE INVESTMENT. (Page 44) In DON'T SWEAT IT, ESSENCE coaches you on all the best styles and products that will have you gym ready.  (Page 54)
I can't wait to see this issue, and see if we got any loc love. I know I didn't get a call to be a model in it! 

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Jennifer Wilkes said...

I know that's right! And if they do feature locs, I pray there's a variety and not just one or two lengths, styles, and colors...Yes, you should have very well been a model in this issue!

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

Jennifer, I'm just saying! We have so many loc'd beauties right here, they know this blog exists. Hmph, we'll see.

Aisha said...

You're too funny. I feel the same way about Essence.