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Sep 3, 2010

Around the Web...

Mary J. Blige & Jazmine Sullivan to Tour Together {Crunk & Disorderly}

Visual Aesthetics [A Belle in Brooklyn]

The High Cost of Being a Ride or Die Chick [AOL Black Voices}

TI has Reason to Worry [Kimora Cochran]

Tyler Perry's For "Colored Girls", Will you See it? [Afrobella]

50 Cent Proves Once Again He is an Idiot [YBF]

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Anonymous said...

Love this girl!!! and yes I experienced it with my locs and still experience it with my afro. Now I get "why won't you use a pressing comb". However, my confidence level is crazy now so I pay them no mind. I like my look and am out of that mindframe of being a follower. God made us unique and not to fit in with society, so the best thing to do is to do you......;0)

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

Ms Kitty You looking so radiant gurrrlll! I also almost didnt catch this comment since its in the wrong space! LOL

But I am so happy for you! Yet and still I am getting emails, and reading posts all around the web about how our women are not comfortable locing, or their boyfriend don't like it, etc.

Its rough for some. We have to encourage them.