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Jul 13, 2010

Artist Spotlight...

I found these paintings online and they are so profound, and speak volumes! These are from Margaret Bowland,  Earlier this year Margaret Bowland won the prestigious Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition.

 Another Thorny Crown Series: Gray J

The Artist (2010)
Flower Girl #2 (2009)

 How many of you Queens see yourself as a child in the above pics? I know I see myself in the painting Flower Girl #2, especially with the barrettes on the very end of her hair. This painting is so real. I don't know if this is the artists' intent, but this is how I see them. What do you think of these paintings?

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


B said...

I remember first seeing these pictures a few years ago and being stunned. They speak volumes. I could write a book on it!

Carmennc said...

I want one!

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

Carmennc I don't know if I would want to hang this haunting picture on my wall, since I am light years away from what it depicts. Not sure if I would want my daughter walking by something like this everyday.

B you know I'm out here on the West Coast we get everything late, smh