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May 19, 2010

The Doll Test...Again


It all started back in 1954, but not much has changed. I'm talking about the doll test. The experiment is still going strong, and now CNN has put their hands around the experiment. I won't say I did not become disheartened after watching this video, but I can say that we as parents have got to step up and watch our behavior, what we say, how we act, and what influences our children are under each and every day. It starts in the home. Why not do a simple doll test with your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, Godchildren, whatever. Ask them these same questions, and tackle the tough subject of race. I will do it with my child tonight, and I will report to you what I have learned from my own 3 year old daughter.

Well, I conducted the experiment with my child. I line 2 dolls up, one white, one light, and one dark. She picked out the dark baby for all things good, smart, pretty, and she said it resembles her. Needless to say I held my breath while she contemplated and replied. I must be doing something right and I will continue to do so.

Here is the video of the experiment conducted some years ago by a girl in school.

 Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

nappy headed black girl said...

*sigh* I'm nit surprised. Saddened, but not surprised. The trip part is that every child was darker than the black doll.

I thank goodness for my mother. She raised me to love everything about me. I never felt inferior/ugly/deprived because of my skin or nappy hair.

Where does this madness start? These children are so young! I think at their young age parents/guardians are more impressionable than our society which pushes this crap.