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Feb 3, 2010

Is Vanity Failr Playing Fair?


Did anyone catch the post about Vanity Fair on Yahoo yesterday? 

They claim this is the new Hollywood....umm there are a few inconsistencies here people. Maybe this is the new Hollywood in their eyes, but we are really and definitely missing some people or should I say some color in this picture.


I guess I don't understand how they can be so blatant about the subject, I mean really? I know they say "their" definition of Hollywood and the "A" list isn't our definition of Hollywood or the "A" list. However, Vanity Fair knows good and well they are highly regarded, and has an influence as far as media is concerned.

Just read what they actually printed below:

The Cupid’s-bow lips, the downy-soft cheeks, the button nose: 27-year-old Abbie Cornish has those Ivory-soap-girl features we’re so familiar with, and yet hers is a face it’s hard to stop staring at—testament to the intelligence, vulnerability, and sensuality she brings to her characters.
They are clearly describing what they find to be "Hollywood," I hardly doubt they would place a description of let's say, Gabourey Sidibe the star in the movie "Precious."  Nor, will they spotlight Amber Riley of the television hit, Glee.

Amber Riley

I am merely pointing out that the racial divide is still as big and wide as ever. With bull happening like this we are still in for a fight in Hollywood. Will Hollywood ever accept the wonderful talent of our brothers and sisters; or will they continue to smear the line and dare us to cross it? What should we do about it (if anything at all?).

I'm just saying, we have to fight for our rights, and our place everywhere. We cannot allow them to dictate the new Hollywood or anything for that matter!

Support our Actors and Actresses, our singers, and rappers (gasp), we have to stick together and uplift rather than tear down.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

1 comment:

Zayna said...

Right on queen. Here is the letter I wrote the editor-

Dear Editor:

I do not typically write letters that complain about a magazine's content. I usually see this a futile act. But my deep disappointment with your Hollywood cover has forced me to depart from my silence.

You have probably head of the uproar caused by the racially homogenous pictures of what you have called the new Hollywood. You have probably heard people question why Gaby Sidibe was not included- followed by hushed whispers of how her fatness voids her potential star power. This "weight issue" is indeed a sad myth that some of us, because of our insecurites, seem intent to perpetuate into a reality.

As you know, the media coverage that up-and-coming actresses get is a huge factor in their staying power. WE NEED magazines like yours to step up and to stop whitewashing (pun intended) the realities of our society and of the talents of many gifted young woman. Actresses of color like Frieda Pinto, Jurnee Smollet, Zoe Kravitz, Gaby Sidibe, Nicole Beharie (American Violet), Amber Riley (Glee) are just as deserving as their pale counterparts.

We still have a long way to go-your cover proves that without a doubt.