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Dec 4, 2009

Happy Friday Queens!

My Queens, please have a wonderful and restful weekend. Tonight is the closing for the Perricone eye cream serum giveaway! The winner will be announced Saturday morning so good luck. Enter if you haven't already done so!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


iamkamilah said...

hi. this may be the wrong way to contact you but whatever.

i was on a natural hair website (catered more to loose natural hair) and they were discussing free form locks. i feel like there is a division between loose natural hair and the dreadlock community. and even a division between the free forming community and those who choose to retwist their locks. on the site that i visited i felt like a lot the sistas were very judgmental about a sista who chose to free form and even those who chose to lock. i would love to see this type of conversation here. i'm kinda new to your site and haven't seen any free form locs sisters/brothers featured here. i would love to know what your community thinks about ppl who choose to free form their locs.


Writing Addict said...


Yes there are visible divisions in our hair community just like HUGE divisions throughout the black community in general. Also you are also correct that this is not the way to contact me as you can see there is a contact button underneath the logo & heading.

The premise behind On the Road to Queendom is to address the lack of a specific blog dedicated to the uplifting, and encouragement of dreadlocked women of color. This is my choice to fill that void, and something I feel very good about doing. If you go to the right of the blog you can either search in the search box, or read through my past posts. I have posts dedicated to addressing this topic time & time again. I do not allow anyone to dictate what I write here b/c again this is a personal blog that took off.

Have you looked through the List of past loc'd beauties of the week? You will find all sorts of free formed beauties.

I celebrate ALL natural beauties. I define them as women who do not chemically alter their hair to achieve a different hair texture, color excluded.

You can google and will find 100's of blogs dedicated to all natural beauties. But google again and tell me how many blogs or sites you find dedicated to Dreadlocked women period? We are NOT downing anyone no matter how they choose to wear their hair; but only targeting loc'd women.

I do hope you find a home here if you are loc'd whether that is free formed, twisted, tool manipulated we don't care. We just want to remind you how beautiful you are and try and help you maintain that beauty.