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Nov 30, 2009

Vegetable Glycerin

So, I have been reading about naturalistas (I made this word up deal with it) using 100% vegetable glycerin to soften their natural hair, and make it manageable in order for them to comb, and style their hair. So, of course I wanted to see if we loc divas can use it to soften up our locs as well.

Therefore, I traipsed on down to the health food store and bought a bottle of Heritage Vegetable Glycerin Oil.

It only costs me about $5.50. I mixed about 1/3 glycerin and the rest water because you really only need a little bit of this stuff. It is thick and sticky, so you only want enough to actually penetrate the loc and make it softer in the shaft.

I must say there is a bit of a difference. My locs are softer, not that much softer, but there is a noticeable difference. So I don't know how much gylcerin you will need to do the trick, but the trick is to start of with a few drops and work your way up till you feel the difference.

It is definitely worth buying loc'd divas....


Queen laloced added this comment about using vegetable glycerin:
November 30, 2009 5:38 PM

Hi, in my experience when using vegetable glycerin a little goes a long way, it really enhances deep condition treatments i.e. hot oil and also in spritzers, it's an emulsifier. I love it! but if you use too much your hair will just feel sticky (I speak from personal experience)

**So ladies do keep this in mind if you are going to try this ok?**

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


PhePhi said...

hey! i have a bottle in my closet. i've only used it a few times because, as you mentioned, it is very sticky. i guess the key is to dilute it w/water. and, yes, a little does go a long way. i guess i shouldn't give up on it just yet, huh?

Writing Addict said...

No ma'am do not give up on it, just put a bit of it in a water bottle. The key is to dilute Queen.

Denise said...

hi Im from Virginia I used "Motions" hair dressing on my scalp only for the past two weeks wondering if Im using to much because my locs feel too soft and at the roots came untwisted. This contains glycerin so i think im gonna cut down to once a week.. note it did stop ALL my itching

Writing Addict said...

Hey Denise,

Didn't you contact me about your intense itching problem? If not I'm sorry. So motions huh? Which motions product? Should we review this? Is this something you think other Queens need to hear and try?

Girl you are using too much if the roots coming undone. You might want to start latching instead of twisting.

Denise said...

Hi Denise here. It is the Motions weightless clear hairdressing. I was latching for years going to a shp my hair was thin.. then I tried twisting and no matter what I did, it came untwisted. Now I latch my own with my baby fingers and If I cant get my finger thru, I stop. This works for me as my hair now grows into the loc. As for Motions, it did good this week,I cut way back using only a very small amount on scalp only...

Chemicals Direct said...

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