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Oct 23, 2009

Smell Good...

Who are the Smell Goods?

They are comprised of the McVay Family, a husband and wife team, and two darling assistants. In the year 1998, Smell Goods was birthed in a shoe box, and now it has grown into so much more!

What is Smell Goods 1998™?

Smell Goods 98™ is a made-to-order gourmet spa line. Specializing in Signature fragrance body oils, Signature hand dipped incense, and spa products that can be customized with over 40 Signature fragrances. Smell Goods 98's™ recipes are 99% unrefined, raw, minimally refined, and 1% cosmetic grade ingredients. Products are paraben and formaldehyde free! When preservative is needed, preservative of choice is Optiphen Plus. No artificial color. No petroleum. No mineral oil. No animal testing.

How did it begin?

The beginnings of Smell Goods 98™ was in a shoe box that contained a small selection of body oils and incense. As the years continued, the McVay team found their niche. The McVays have been successful with the product line and the growth of the business.

The Smell Goods 98™ mission is to produce fine quality products, to encourage consumers to seek healthier options in bath and body care. To be a positive tool in the community through empowerment and philanthropy. To give back to charitable organizations that cater to the needs of young females, teen moms, cancer patients, and sickle cell patients.

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