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Oct 14, 2009

Reader's Email Answered


First let me say that I love your blog. Thank you so much for all of the great info, sharing your stories and since it is sooooo hard to find someone with loc knowledge in my local area, being willing to answer questions. So, here are mine:

I've been loc'd since March of 2006 and have a decent length on my locs (falls below my shoulders) and I've noticed two things over the last several months 1) some of my locs on the sides are getting really skinny all the way down the loc and 2) my locs seem to look/feel really dry in the days following a good wash and twist session.

Is the thinning of locs normal and should I expect to have to join locs when this happens (it's not anywhere else on my head except on the sides)

Is there anything that I can do to keep my locs feeling hydrated that will not weigh them down or make them all gooey? (I currently use the Jamaican mango lime products and love the oyin greg juice spray when I can get it)

Thanks so much for any tips you are able to offer!


Thank you for your kind words! Just note that On The Road to Queendom is for Queens such as yourself! To keep you encouraged, motivated, and thrilled about sporting locs. So no need to thank me sweetie, just note I am on a purpose higher than myself. With that being said let me get down to it!

You may already know, but your locs are Mature (past 14 months). So you must take great care when retwisting new growth. In fact you can move away from product altogether if you would like. You can actually start latchhooking your locs without fear of them coming down. The reason your locs feel hard, as mine does from time to time is because;

  1. Your hair texture type might be Type 4a or 4b.
  2. If you aren't performing apple cider vinegar rinses at least monthly you should be.
  3. Your locs need daily hydration and you should be spritzing your locs lightly with you very own loc moisturizer you can actually make yourself (I can show you how).
You are right in your assumption that locs do thin over time, and depending on how thin they are at the root, they may require you to marry them or loc them together. Still, you have to be extra careful when retwisting being careful not to over tighten. As this can cause traction alopecia! Please note, that while some products offer great moisture, your locs may require something different or a bit more than what that product can give. If you want to make your own daily loc leave in moisturizer please contact me!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Katrina said...

My locs (sisterlocks) are almost 2 years old - I would love to know your secret for hydrating/moisturizing. Can you share? Thanks

Alexia said...

Hi Writing Addict- Can you also send me the recipe?

Writing Addict said...

Hey ladies,

As much as I would love to share with you I am presently in the process of actually preparing to market this "secret" don't be upset with me k?

Katrina said...

Not upset just let us know when it is for sale ;-)