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Oct 14, 2009

Louis Vuitton Too?

Queens, please talk to me...tell me I am just being hypersensitive. Tell me there is nothing wrong with Louis Vuitton's winter 2009/2010 collection and fashion show. Tell me there is nothing remotely wrong with him featuring his models with large Angela Davis type afro wigs.

But see, something is wrong. See, if I were to take my locs out right now, wash, and blowdry my hair my hair would resemble this to a "T." For that reason I am offended. Is this a mockery? Is this supposed to be stylish and cute? What is this actually supposed to be?

Then lets move on to French Vogue, (insert heavy sigh here) again what and why?

How should we feel about white supermodel, Lara Stone, posing for French Vogue in black paint? What the hell? You mean the cameraman couldn't have found a beautiful African American or African woman to take the stupid poses? Where does art and offensive cross the line. As black women where do we draw the line and raise some hell? What should be done about this if nothing at all?

I find both offensive and ignorant. I am not ready to stop ranting and raving about insensitivity until we receive our share of positive props. Until we stop having movies, and print about us that depict black women as comical and not-to-be-taken seriously. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I will be taken seriously and so I guess my locs are more than a "hairstyle!" I refuse to alter my image to make other comfortable or to have them see me in a different light. We as black women need to fight back, and demand respect!

Please chime in and tell me how you feel. I will be selecting the most thought provoking comments to share with the world here in a post on

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Amarie said...

This offends me as well. I read an article few years back about a designer who painted his white models black for the runway. When confronted about it, he said that using black models caused the audience to stare at them instead of the clothing. This is total BS. I think some designers are angry and their acting out since Naomi Campbell and Bethan Hardison spoke out about this.

Amarie said...

I meant spoke out about the lack of black models on the runways and in the magazines.

Kicukalah said...

I could be way off here, but what's the difference with black women wearing straight blonde, red, golden weaves or wigs? I know it's talked about all the time about how black women relax their hair. But has anyone noticed white woman wanting bigger lips and darker skin?

Now the models with the black paint is blowing my mind. I didn't know people still did this kind of thing.

Writing Addict said...


Honey, I haven't thought about it like that. Great Point!! I will have to post this comment! It is so thought provoking thank you.