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Oct 26, 2009

Lawd Ms. Claude....

So I trot on down to the beauty supply store to pick up some hair pins. Honey this place is a warehouse of fake hair. Let's just say that you can get lost up in there if you take a wrong turn. So while I am walking I journey on through the weave section. I mean I like to see whats up with the hair, I like to know what our sisters are spending their rent and utility bill money on. I also wanted to know if they carried salt and pepper kinky for my mother, remember she is getting her loc on by any means necessary. The lil store employee, who was a young white girl gave me the strangest look. I go, "Is something wrong? Can you just show me where you carry your salt and pepper synthetic hair?" She says, "Ma'am please don't do it. Don't get no weave, your hair is beautiful the way it is." I go "huh?" She continues, "Ma'am the women come in here with bald spots, patches of hair gone because of this stuff. Its no good for your hair. Your hair is just fine."

I'm thinking lawd...what do these people really think about us running up in these damn supply stores picking up a new bag a week? I mean this chile, is actually pleading with me not to purchase some weave. I find it useless to tell her to mind her own damn business and let me do me. So I just take my hairpins, shift my feet, and mosey on over to the line with a muttered, "Thanks."

Now this is where it really gets good!

Why oh why is a young lady at the register arguing with who could have been her sister about the color weave she should buy; and if she should color her hair jet black. Why is this even a big deal? Well because this young girl is at least 8-9 mos pregnant! Lawd no!!!!!

Everybody should know you shouldn't color your hair with hair dye when you are pregnant, at least not that far along anyway! And why in the hell is she still wearing weaves? When I was pregnant my hair grew like a weed. Its a fact that our hair grows, heck everything grows when we are pregnant. She should only put good natural things on and in her body? SMH

I digress, I just got the hell outta there as fast I could! Lawd be some common sense!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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