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Oct 22, 2009

It's a Brand, not the Man!

Michael Jordan is a man...who has God given talent to do extraordinary things with an object. This object has become the golden ticket not only for himself, but for thousands of other black young men, and men who desire to make it with this same object.

An apparel company, decided to take that God given talent that Michael Jordan has and brand it. Now this brand when worn resembles something for people all over the world. This brand says, greatness. It gives the illusion of being "well-off." Remember now, this is only a brand, an illusion in which this company has decided to pimp, I mean profit from.

This man is an idol because people decided to worship his talent, and therefore they started to worship the man because of this talent. Stay with me here folks. This is a mistake. A mistake we all do. The same mistake we make with anyone who has talent or a gift from the Most High (preachers, presidents, singers, etc.) We must remember that these people are human beings. They are NOT to be worshiped but only marveled. They should be looked upon as blessed in only that way which makes them great. They are not to be worshiped because they will and do make mistakes. They will and do let you down. They will and do hurt you. Understand? Well, Chamillionare should have understood before he got hurt, but he is human. So, keep this in mind when you peep this video.

That is all....

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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