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Oct 30, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hey Queens & Happy Friday!

It's been kinda quiet around here in the Queendom...not much commenting going on. However, I trust that you all are well, and behaving like Queens (side eye). Anyhow, I received my anticipated box of goodies for the Americas Next Top Natural Model contest. Oh my when I tell you there were so many wonderful things in that box! I had no idea they would bless us with that stuff. So today I am home from work because it is a state holiday, Nevada Day to be exact. Look I don't know much about it other than I'm going to totally enjoy this day!

So anyhow, I am sitting underneath a hair dryer because I just finished washing, conditioning, and tightening my roots. I used the Jamaican Lime Mango products they sent and wow! My hair smells good enough to eat.

I also trimmed my edges. Listen, just because we have natural hair, and locs doesn't mean you can get away with trimming your edges. Quite the opposite you have to take care of them too for your locs to look really neat and nice. I don't like ragged edges, thinning locs at the very bottom. So I trim them to make sure its neat and healthy looking. Although, I don't lose locs (never have) my locs will break off at the tip of the end because of various reasons: my daughter swings off of my hair like a lil monkey (yes it hurts),my hair gets caught in furniture, doors, drawers, armpits, and butt. So I trim whatever seems to be out of place and canno't be saved by tying a knot, or marrying to another.

Today I will take some pictures for the contest, ya'll know you will be the first ones to view. With that being said don't forget to go to the left side of this page, click my face, and register to vote. Without your support I will not make it, okay?

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


lakisha said...


Can you post a review of the Jamaican Lime products you used? I am interested in trying this line but want to hear a review from someone reliable.


Writing Addict said...

Sure will Queen just as soon as I slow down a bit! Check back for the review k?