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Sep 3, 2009

When It's Over.....

Faithful Reader Queen Melinda wrote me with the following email:

Hi there,
Girl give me the headzzz up ok, why is everybody suddenly taking out their locks??? I mean these are ladies that have had them for yeeaaaassss 7, 8 years, 1st Faryn then Shawnta715 now Msbuttafli (youtube ppl) and these r not ladies with locs that were all jackedup looking I mean they were "nice dreads" as Lonnice puts it!!!
It seems that after about 7 years ppl suddenly tire of them?? whazzup, lemme know whazzup?!!!

Well Queen,

There comes a time in everybody's life when they need a change. Hair is no different than anything else in your life. Sometimes Queens just need a break, a hairstyle change, a lifestyle change, relationship change, job change, you get it right? So imagine rocking the same hair for 5, 10, 15 years. You take a look in the mirror and its the same everyday. That can be monotonous to some.

Women need, and do change up their image all of the time, its needed for growth and over all self-esteem. Nothing wrong with it. I am sure for the Queens you mentioned they each have their own personal reasons for letting go of their locs. Its nothing wrong with that, it is just hair you know. Only if someone is rocking the locs for religious reasons like Rastafarianism can it get a little sticky.

At one point I thought of letting my locs go...and I still may at some point. But as of now, its my hairstyle of choice. So don't fret, those Queens do and still look beautiful. Remember, its only hair. Hair does not make the woman....

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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