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Sep 22, 2009

Reader's Emails Answered

Dear Writing Addict,

thank you so much for your wonderful 'On the Road to Queendom' homepage. I am from Germany and currently I live in Vienna,Austria.I don't know many people with locs personally so I am very glad that I have found your homepage. Today I went to the hairdresser to get some twists. They didn't know this method of getting locs and one of the ladies told me that this is strange (To achieve locs they put in some chemical cream or others work with wax). I wanted to have small to medium size twists but somehow I feel kind of insecure of the result. Could you please tell me what you think about my twists? Should I put some cream or gel on the ends so that they stay together?

All the best,

Hi Susanne!

Thank you for contacting me! I personally think you should use some product to twist your hair. The product that you can use is, Carol's Daughter, Loc Butter which you can purchase here. This is a lightweight product that will leave a nice scent, plus give you the hold you are looking for, and it will aide in the locing process. Also, the product will help seal the ends as well. Honestly the size of your twists you are wearing now is a bit on the large size. So if you want small to medium size you will need to redo them. Remember, locs always thicken up a bit over time. Actually, your hair is a length which would be easy for you to start your locs yourself!

Seriously! Unless you don't trust yourself. If you go here and here you can learn how to start your twists. It will tell you the tools you need, how to part it, etc. Again, you should redo them, make the parts smaller, and start your locs off by double strand twisting your hair. Please watch the following video to start your double strand twists:

I hope this helps, make sure you become a member of the Queendom, and keep us posted on your progress!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!

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