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Sep 22, 2009

Latching Update

Hey Queens!

The update is, latching is so over, for now. Seriously, I am obviously doing it wrong. I ended up with wholes at the roots. You know gaps where I was pushing the loc through, not cute honey.

So I had to head on down to Sephora's (look that's my home away from home) and pick up some loc butter by Carol's Daughter to smooth these fly-aways down, and look presentable. I don't mind kinkiness showing, I'm just vain and meticulous when it comes to my hair. So, for now, back to product.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


B said...

With my expermenting with latching, I have a few locs that have holes too. Not many though. It really is tricky! Is that Loc Butter good? It has beeswax in it! *screams*

Writing Addict said...

B I dunno, because I simply love the stuff I promise you. It keeps my hair beautiful with the most awesome sheen! I have yet to encounter any problems with it. The small amt of beeswax should not be a problem if you are doing your apple cider vinegar rinse regularly.

Ms. Crown of Hair said...

So sorry to hear that! I've been latching my hair for two months now and I must say I love it. Did you try to do some research on the topic? I found some great info @ I would send you the links but I have no access to internet (I'm using my Blackberry to read your blog posts). There are ways to repair your holes so don't give up on latching yet! :)

Writing Addict said...

Hey Ms. Crown,

Hmmm...that does sound promising, I will nose around a bit on Nappturality to see if I can go back to latching, but what do you do about the fuzzies?

Kicukalah said...

I latch because of the size of my locs. They are micros.
About the holes, they come when rotating in same direction more than once OR starting too close to the scalp and not the loc itself. But it can be corrected. As for the fuzzies, I've always had mine. I think it's because of my hair type, dunno.

Naturigurl said...

I started latching from the beginning because I couldn't get the whole twist and clip thing down. With Latching you have to be careful so you don't get Y's all over your head (from pulling the tool through the same hole more then once) and what kind of rotations you use because your locs will become thinner over time which could lead to weak roots. IN the beginning I was using 2pt rotations but I noticed the holes (they will fill in over times but if you need a now solution you can just thread the loc through the hole along the shaft To fix holes in your locs. I have a tutorial about it on my blog it explains a whole lot better). For the longest time I hated how my hair looked with all the frizz and because I am latching it can look bumpy sometimes but I found a solution. After every wash or if you spray your hair with water then you take the frizz and wrap it around the loc itself. This gives you that cylindrical look and your staying away from the roots which should only be latched if there is significant growth. Hope this helps a little.