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Sep 29, 2009

Post Screening of "Good Hair"

Is Melyssa Ford in this meeting? Why is she all of a sudden rocking braids for the post-screening? She is trying to stay relevant no matter what the hell the subject is. She states she has been creamy-crack free for 3 years now, and now she is only natural? Umm okay

Were locs purposely overlooked in the movie because loc wearers aren't so called, "interesting" or "entertaining enough?" What the hell? Exactly what is Chris Rock trying to do here, enlighten, or give us laughs? I'm really unsure, on the fence as well. I want to support his project, but of all people Melissa Ford is his representative? Boo Bye, hmph

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Naturigurl said...

Ok so did Chris only make a movie like this because he wanted to cash out on this particular topic or did he actually learn something while making this film? So far from this clip I haven't actually heard his thoughts on how making this movie would change people's perceptions regarding black hair. This is a very serious topic that affects woman's perception of herself, her daughters and the community as a whole and makes other people who are not black more aware. I guess it's nice to pepper jokes here and there (he is a comedian) however he should take a more knowledgeable and serious stance otherwise this movie could come off as another big joke in the name of all things black. Another thing that bothered me was Ms.Ford choice for attire IMO she looked like she was heading off to an after sex party. She could have still looked nice and not have her boobs all out is all I'm saying.

Writing Addict said...

Girlfriend I feel the same way. I just don't get it, I guess we'll have to go and see. I was just really disheartened at how he spoke on omitting the loc wearers, SMH, thats exacly what I mean, we can't get respect from our own people, how are we supposed to be accepted by others.

Ms. Ford needs to quit..seriously, she chose the wrong clothes, and...forget it, that chile has problems trust.

new2locs said...

I say boo!!! to the movie & Mr. Rock. I agree with Naturigirl, I understand that he did the movie because his daughter posed the question to him does she have good hair? This could have been very enlightening to us but I think it'll be otherwise. A lot of our women don't have the first clue of what to do with their hair when they in fact make the decision to go natural & then to just omit us loc wearer's & tell the guy in the audience he can make that movie? Really? I guess I don't understand what he really set out to do & I'm not so sure that I'll spend my money to go find out either.

Melinda said...

Ok, first of all I guess I am so out of the loop b/c I don't know Melissa Ford or where she came from but I know she looks like she is headed for the nearest club!! Anyway, I am not expecting a lot of educating of the genereal pblic black or white as a result of his newe movie, it is all about ratings and believe me he is NOT gonna piss off the ppl that r financing the movie by steping on "their" toes too hard. It would take Tyler Perry 2 REALLY tell OUR story b/c he has his OWN company and is not dependant on "Hollywood" for his bread and butta!!!

Writing Addict said...

Oooohh you betta say that Melinda!! You are so right, I didn't even think about it like that! He is playing the Hollywierd game huh? Umph, *sucks teeth* I guess...I am not supporting this HAM if he can't support ALL of us natural sistahs!

Eloise said...

Okay, lets see when I saw this interview and saw who was standing there I could not believe it. She first of all do look as if she is going to the club and just because she chose to put braids in her hair for that day means she is all of a sudden ON NATURAL, PLEASE CHILE. Then I look at the females that came to the premiere and they all have weaves AND MS. FORD IS WEARING A WIG....SHE CAN'T SEEM TO MAKE UP HER MIND, HUH.. I also watched the Oprah Show and was not impressed at all. They just mentioned locs in passing but NEVER ONCE showed a BEAUTIFUL BLACK female with LOCS, as if it does not exist. I will not, of course, waste my money on this movie. I guess they would consider us JUST NAPPY HEADED WOMEN. I am proud of MY NAPS and will continue to rock them. As you all are saying he is just trying TO STAY TRUE TO THEM AND NOT TO HIS OWN. THAT'S THE WAY TO TEACH YOUR DAUGHTERS...WHAT A JOKE!

Nails said...

I am not going to go see it. To me , it seems like he is trying to make us look stupid. It seems like everyone he talked to was a perm girl or had a weave from here to the moon. Of course there are some black women who still think good hair is straight and silky, but some of us actually know that good hair is just an opinion.IMO he just did it for the money.

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

I agree with every comment here I thought his interview was whack, he couldn't answer the questions efficiently & I don't think his movie will address his daughter's question at all if he wanted to really show his daughter she had good hair why not show women that had hair like his daughters hair, you say you tell them everyday that there hair is beautiful but all you show in your film is weaves & perms. Our hair is not difficult to deal with it if we learn to treat it the same as some of use treat our weaves with love & care.