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Sep 15, 2009

Kanye the Aftermath

In totally unrelated hair news...

So unless you've been living under a rock, don't have a television, the internet, a radio then you wouldn't know why Kanye is apologizing. Truth is Kanye has been acting a HAM for a while now. It has definitely amplified since the passing of his mother. With that being said, I think the question Jay Leno asked him about his mother was appropriate and definitely needed. Kanye gets visibly choked up, and he does need to take some time off.

Here is another example of how one of our own bright and shining stars is crying for help,professionally. We should not ignore these signs and pass them off as mere odd and indecent behavior. But, reach out our hands...thats what Michael Jackson wanted, Maia Campbell, Whitney Houston...

Seriously think about it.

Here is Whitney's 1st part interview with Queen Oprah as well...So profound!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Naturigurl said...

I so agree with you Queen. Ive heard that in native American culture if someone does something wrong instead of harsh reprimand they try to figure out the real route of the problem for the out lash by reaching out with understanding and healing. Instead of pointing fingers and seeking negativity we and I mean everyone not just the black community should ask questions and sympathize with the wrongdoer as well as the victim. I mean there are some actions and behaviors that IMO cannot be condoned but I do hope Kanye has personally apologized to the girl for his behavior. That at least is a step in the right direction.

Naturigurl said...

Whitney is so beautiful. I am so glad Oprah had this discussion with her. To many years of seeing her in negativity and the judgments. Thank you for posting

Writing Addict said...

Im with you girl, it felt so good to see her sitting up there. Beautiful and all

nneoma said...

I am happy for Whitney's progress, more than elated. And at the same time, this interview confirmed that Oprah possesses such a beautiful, almost motherly spirit. However, I do hope that Whitney is continuing to see someone (like a psychcologist). It takes YEARS to undergo the type of emotional trauma she went through.
Hopefully, hers is a lesson for us in the black community. So often we avoid seeking help either for drug abuse or emotional problems.