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Sep 28, 2009

Happy Monday Queens,

Honestly I didn't have any intentions on posting anything related to relationships, life, self-love, etc. But you know this blog is our forum, a place to be open and honest about whatever puzzles us, ails us, etc. So, with all of the talk about Lamar Odom's and Khloe Kardashian's shotgun wedding I had to take a moment and speak on it from my perspective. Now, the only thing I know about Lamar is that he plays basketball, that he was already involved in an interracial long term relationship with his baby moms', and that they have two children. Then, the only thing I know about Khloe is that she is 1/3 of the Kardashian sister click, obnoxious, a little out there and currently running a clothing boutique, and starring in a reality series. Now as life would have it she dates Lamar for a month and they get hitched. The reason I am speaking on it is because I am reading too many tweets (Twitter), over hearing conversation about how our "famous black men" are dating, and marrying women with no substance; who have nothing more than a pretty face, perhaps nice body, other races (i.e., Reggie Wilson, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, etc.)

Now, let me get straight to the point; you all know I have nothing against interracial relationships, and I even wrote a post about it. But the thing that does bother me a bit, is that black women are looking at these men as if "they" are representatives of all black men which isn't the case. Black women are also looking at the women they are choosing as if they are standard of beauty (definitely not the case). Black women you simply cannot look to the media for your definition of beauty. Beauty is more than skin deep, and it starts first with love of oneself. Who knows this better than all natural beauties, or highly successful women? Who can keep up with the media's so called standards of beauty? Women all over are killing themselves with plastic surgery, butt implants, injections, false hair, lips, eyes, nails, honey the list goes on. You will go broke, better yet crazy if you try and keep up with what you see in print, on television, on videos. You simply cannot do this.

You must try and find your own self, look in the mirror figure out what makes you beautiful, sexy, smart. Play up your own best features. You my dears are exotic. We are unique, and have the most beautiful bodies, features, unparalleled and can never be duplicated no matter how much mess non-black women try and buy. If you turn off the television, close the magazines, you might be able to see who finds you beautiful. You might be surprised at who thinks you are the definition of beauty. You must broaden your horizons. God is love, and God made us all.

I just want us all to live our best lives, experience true love, happiness, peace. I want us all to be happy with what God gave us. Don't wast life running after someone else definition of beauty. You will eventually burn out.

So while we don' t know the reasons behind our men finding love outside of our race, and their eagerness to "put a ring on it" we can get a little of that for ourselves.

Self-Love is the highest form of love, then and only then will you find the love you have been searching for!

Until next time, have a great week...I love you

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Chanel said...

Well said lady!

Melinda said...

Sho u right!!! That is why THIS site and others like it r now where I get my visual inspiration from, people that look like ME!!! or at least a measure of beauty that I can apsire to, more in line of what and who I AM!!! Starting with hair texture!!!

Writing Addict said...

Exactly Melinda! That is why is black beauty websites who cater to us are so important. Thank you being part of this site Queen!

Alexia said...

The truth is so free!!! Love starts with self!

Moosiko said...

Thank you for this post. I needed the reality check today.

Naturigurl said...

Speak on it sista..... I definately needed a reminder about who I am and not what others want me to be.

T'arr.a said...

Beautiful posting!