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Sep 18, 2009

Happy Friday Queens!

Just how nappy and proud are you? Are you really rocking the locs with pride? The first person to leave a comment on how proud they are of being a Queen will receive a On The Road To Queendom T-shirt!

Lets Go!

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


Anonymous said...

As a child and young adult I had so many issues with my hair starting with to me not having enough of it. My hair wasn't long and I suffered tremendously from constant taunts and ridicule. since that time I have worn every hairstyle under the sun.Had I known then what I know now I would have worn locs sooner.I burnt my scalp and had broken hair to match a broken spirit. I found the Lord and was awakened to being at peace with what He created. With that acceptance came the opportunity to wear my hair natural, but that wasn't to be my resting place. I saw beautiful women and men in Georgia with locs looking regal and accepting themselves soon after I started my locs. Now I do have extensions in with my locs but I did that because I didn't want the short phase. I know that sounds contradictory but for me it isn't. I love my locs they are convenient, help affirm my beauty to me and help me to stand taller. No more self doubt more confident and growing in it more with the help of my Creator. I LOVE MY LOCS. They have helped me to appreciate the beauty God sees in me. I'm still a work in progress but thank you for this site it helps tremendously as I'm sure others can attest.

Writing Addict said...


I love this and will post for all to see. I want to send you your T-shirt so you can further tell the world how beautiful you are as a Queen, but you are anonymous, please hit the follow button and create a login and send me your mailing info to

Thank you!

Katrina said...

Yes I am rocking the locs today. And I am proud to be a Queen. Love your blog!

Writing Addict said...

I lubs u Katrina!!!! I'mma have to slide u a t-shirt just because...send me yo addy to

Katrina said...

Lubs you more girl. Check your inbox.

Eloise said...

I know I am probably late for a T-shirt, but I still had to put my two cents in (lol)....I AM ROCKIN MY LOCS DAY IN AND DAY OUT....I AM ROCKIN THEM WITH PRIDE WITH MY HEAD HELD HIGH AND A SMILE ON MY FACE....CAN YOU SAY CHEESE.....A FAITHFUL LOC ROCKER....