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Aug 27, 2009

Rocking the Locs Up Today!

So today I came to work with the "blahs," not really feeling my hair. I forgot I bought a brand new bottle of rose water for my leave in conditioner mix (my own concoction). Therefore, I whipped it out and began to spray my hair in sections and braided those sections up.

Then I did a fishtail braid in the back (sorry I can't show you the back but I'm taking these pics on my camera phone).

Up close...I am now latching the locs, slowly moving away from product. Also, I am okay with the fuzziness its what makes the locs, locs! I don't need extra smooth locs.

Stay Blessed & Happy Locing!


B said...

Ohmigooooodness, this is beautiful, sis!! I love it!

Writing Addict said...

Hey lil sis!! Thanks! Oooh...I have a mascara I want you to review. I am in love with it! Its the Volume Sephora brand. My lashes look false!

Melinda said...

Latching!! WOW!! Soooo whadaya think about it?? how do u like it in comparison to twisting???

Writing Addict said...

Hi Melinda,

Well not sure yet, as its only been a couple of days. I will have to see how it holds up when I wash and condition it. I will keep ya posted :)

Melinda said...

Ok, I heard that it makes holes in the locks but I think that is only if you go in the same hole over and over, it holds up much better than twisting there is simply no comparison in that area. When latching u only have 2 do it about every 6-8 wks depending on your individual hair growth rate. Lemme know.